The Barren Carrousel present.........

 Shhhhhhh! (.a circus show)


Shhhhhhh! (….a circus show) Is a mystical journey into the world of circus, books, inventions and mayhem. Enter the private library of the distinguished inventor Tarquin Potts where he whips up a chaotic storm on his quest to outwit every circus artist’s worse enemy…. GRAVITY!

His relentless quest will not end until he can defy the laws of physics. Forever at his side, his uptight and highly strung assistant Paige, whose only desire is for a quiet life and a clean, organized library.

This 35 minute aerial circus show takes place on a 7 metre free standing aerial circus rig transformed into a magical library and contains ground and aerial acrobatics, juggling, manipulation, comedy and much much more.

Artists – Anita Woods and Jacob Anderson

Set and costume design – Claire McGoran


This show can also be adapted if the venue cannot house the aerial rig. Contact us for more details.